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Donation/Other requests

2/9/2016 We will not consider any donations for the foreseeable future due to circumstances within our own business.  One of our own, Kelly Smith, passed away in early January.  The Bike Rack is redirecting it's resources to help Kelly's family. 

We do love to help!  Every year we have dozens of requests asking for our support in one way or another for a dizzying array of worthwhile causes and events, and every year we donate thousands of dollars in products and services to bicycle related causes and events we believe in.  We truely believe in bicycle advocacy.  Unfortunately, we simply can't donate goods or services to all that request them.

If you wish to request a donation or have a different request, please fill out the following form as completely as possible.  The more lead time you give, the better.  Short notice requests are often more difficult to tackle, especially during the spring and summer seasons.  If you have other information you wish to submit in writing, please email or via regular mail to:

Bike Rack Cycling and Fitness
14510 Eagle Run Dr
Omaha, NE 68116
All requests will be considered, and we will contact those we choose to donate to.

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