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Job Application

We love meeting/hearing from qualified people. To apply, please answer the questions below and click the Submit Form button at the bottom to forward this application to us. We'll review it and be in touch if we like what we see. Thanks!

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Personal Information

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Bicycle Assembly (Omaha location only)
Please provide the names and contact information of at least 2 references that we may contact.*
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense or are you under current investigation?*
If answer to above is yes, please explain

Work Preferences

Tell us about your Cycling Experience. What kind of Cycling have you done and what do you do now?*
You don't have to be experienced to work for us. But you do need to have some passion for Cycling. Share that with us here.
If hired, when will you be able to begin work?*
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Previous Work Experience & Education

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High school diploma
Some college
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College degree
Do you speak any languages other than English?
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Have you ever worked in a bicycle shop before?*
If you have worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us the name and location of the store(s) and your approximate starting and ending dates. (MM/YY to MM/YY)
If you have not worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us briefly about any retail experience you have had: Store you worked for, job responsibilities and starting and ending dates (MM/YY to MM/YY).
Have you attended any specialty bicycle courses, such as Barnett's or United's?
(if yes, please tell us the name of the class and what you learned; if no, ignore this question)
Work history*
(List your last 2 jobs. List employers name, starting and ending dates MM/YY to MM/YY, and your responsibilities.)
Give us an example of something you've done in a past job that shows how you'll contribute to the success of our business.*
Please tell us anything else you would like us to know about why we should consider you for a position.

Thank You!

Thanks very much for filling out and submitting an application. We'll be in touch if you qualify for a position with us. (Be sure to click the Submit Form button below so that we receive your application.)

Note: * indicates required information.